Procurement activity of OJSC “Sukholozhskcement” realizes in centralized manner by logistics service. Optimization of purchase process running by specialists of service provides minimization of losses and guarantees directional customers’ contribution in development of manufacturing resources and in production quality.

Purchase realizes on the base of competition. We examine minimization of total costs and risks of purchases and use of material resources.

Potential suppliers can send their information as sales-directed communication by fax or e-mail. This information will be open to all specialists of logistics service.

Fax of service: 8 (34373) 4-44-22, 4-29-55
e-mail of service: supply@sl-cement.ru

The head of Supply department:

Grishchenko Eugene
Tel: 8(34373) 79-0-21
e-mail: Eugene.Grishchenko@sl-cement.ru

Deputy head of Supply department:

Bulgakov Valeriy
Purchasing group: electrotechnical materials, software, office equipment, computers, services, contract works.
e-mail: Valeriy.Bulgakov@sl-cement.ru

Engineer of Supply department:

Vasenin Alexey
Purchasing group: combustive and lubricating materials, hydraulics, pipe fittings, electrotechnical materials, communication facilities, services, contract works.Tel: 8(34373) 79-6-20
e-mail: Alexey.Vasenin@sl-cement.ru

Engineer of Supply department:

Makhnev Dmitry
Purchasing group: hardware, metal-roll, welding electrodes, bearings, spares for cars, equipment for cement production, conveying equipment.Tel: 8(34373) 79-4-53
e-mail: Dmitry.Makhnev@sl-cement.ru

Engineer of Supply department:

Malygina Eugenia
Purchasing group: protective clothing, office supplies, experimental chemistry, furniture, tools.Tel: 8(34373) 79-0-56
e-mail: Eugenia.Malygina@sl-cement.ru

Engineer of Supply department:

Kleshcheva Anastasiya
Purchasing group: translation, maintenance of foreign trade transactions. Tel:8(34373)79-0-75
e-mail: Anastasiya.Kleshcheva@sl-cement.ru

Engineer of Supply department:

Ustyugova Anna
Purchasing group: services, contract works. Tel: 8(34373) 79-9-40
e-mail: Anna.Ustyugova@sl-cement.ru

Engineer of Supply department:

Neustroeva Olga
Purchasing group: raw materials, services of the maintenance and repair of vehicles. Realization of materials which are not used in production (surplus stock), other sales. Tel: 8(34373) 79-5-36
e-mail: Olga.Neustroeva@sl-cement.ru