Products and Quality

At the moment Sukholozhskcement produces ten types of construction and oil-well cement including oil-well cement under the international standard of American Petroleum Institute (API – 10 A).

Over the course of the latest years cement quality is the area of higher priority in the company’s activity. Cement quality is controlled by means of the effective quality management system valid throughout the plant; its efficiency is confirmed by the GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2011) certificate. Due to the operations carried out in the framework of the quality management system and thanks to the laboratory provided with advanced equipment, the company succeeds in producing cement meeting the highest worldwide standards.

Pinning hopes on the cement from Sukholozhskcement business partners of the enterprise can get the product whose quality is time-proved. Thus the cement is used in the constructing such significant building projects in Sverdlovsk region as the 4th power-generating unit BN-800 at Beloyarskaya nuclear power station, reconstruction of the airport «Koltsovo», Ekaterinburg underground and others.


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