The laboratory of PJSC Sukholozhskcement took an honorable first place in the international Interlaboratory comparative trials

The laboratories of Dyckerhoff companies in Russia regularly take part in Interlaboratory comparative trials.

Therefore we receive an objective and independent assessment of our work quality, which gives us an opportunity to identify and correct deviations in the accuracy of our measurements, if any.

In 2016 the laboratory of PJSC Sukholozhskcement took part in the annual international Interlaboratory comparative trials for the first time. Trials were organized by the Italian provider - company Pubblicemento. Interlaboratory comparative trials were conducted in the format of "Proficiency Testing" or "Qualification Testing".

75 cement laboratories from all over the world took part in these trials. In September 2017, the provider reported on the test results where laboratories were ranked by the final evaluation. The laboratory of PJSC Sukholozhskcement took the honorable first place, having received the maximum score of 10.0 among 75 participants.

We are proud of our laboratory results, which demonstrated high proficiency and exceptionally high accuracy of measurements! Our success is the result of well-organized teamwork of our staff members!